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05/19/2008 20:28

Celebrities I saw at the gym in the last few weeks

People like celebrity blogs, and I had a light-hearted article and the website builder crashed. I haven't blogged since so I'm trying t just happened are some pics.
04/25/2008 16:56


04/23/2008 19:13

Went to see KANYE WEST, RHIANNA & N.E.R.D.

So me & the old lady went to see Kanye West and Friends at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on Monday night. Not to spoil the rest of this blog, but it was perhaps the best concert I've ever been to. N.E.R.D. brought the noise like a loud road-savy rock band. I was way more familiar with...
04/18/2008 08:45

Saw Jay-Z at the Hollywood Bowl on Wed night....

 ....and boy was I disappointed.  I'm a huge fan of Jigga.  Really a big fan, I think he's in the top 3 rappers of all time.  But after a scorching 90 minute set by Mary J. Blige (not a fan of hers, but she did a great show) Jay-Z mosied out on stage.  It was almost like he...
04/17/2008 22:33

Launch of!!

 Greetings Global Stoners!!! We are very excited to announce the launch of  It is our first website and it is obviously a little basic but we are sure it will evolve rapidly just as The WEED Report web series has.  Please take the time to leave feedback or let us...
03/07/2008 16:44

First blog

Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.


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