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Saw Jay-Z at the Hollywood Bowl on Wed night....

04/18/2008 08:45

 ....and boy was I disappointed.  I'm a huge fan of Jigga.  Really a big fan, I think he's in the top 3 rappers of all time.  But after a scorching 90 minute set by Mary J. Blige (not a fan of hers, but she did a great show) Jay-Z mosied out on stage.  It was almost like he was too famous for the room.  He started with a couple of OK versions, but as the set progressed the orchestration of the songs seemed constructed more to serve the abilities of the touring band than to entertain the audience.  A few of my favorite tunes were completely slaughtered by the seemingly uninspired orchestral manuverings.  When it came time for my favorite Jay-Z tune I was sincerely disappointed.  The song Big Pimpin', which translates beautifully to orchestral arrangement(as proven by the Hova's unplugged album), came across flat.  To complicate matters Hova kept holding the microphone out so the crowd could sing the song for entire verses.  It came across as lazy showmanship.  I paid hundreds of dollars to see Jay-Z rap, not 10,000 untalented wannabes sing out of tune.  I think I still like Jay-Z, but he has taken his fan-base for granted and bought his own hype.  His beliefe that anything he does is entertaining just because he's Jigga-Man is not accurate.  You let me down Hova...  Put in more effort next time.  Also you should show up for sound check, your sound was shit compared to Mary's.

In other news I'm smoking some sub-par Cotton candy out of the DECEIVER!!!! and trying to figure out if I can pull of a 420 Episode that is worthy of the viewer's expectations.  Also have to take 1 of 4 cats in to get a shot at the vet.  Trying not to drive out to Tarzana to pick up some HEROJUANA(it haunts me).

Back in touch later today!




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