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Went to see KANYE WEST, RHIANNA & N.E.R.D.

04/23/2008 19:13

So me & the old lady went to see Kanye West and Friends at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on Monday night. Not to spoil the rest of this blog, but it was perhaps the best concert I've ever been to. N.E.R.D. brought the noise like a loud road-savy rock band. I was way more familiar with frontman Pharell's work with big rappers over the years and knew nothing of N.E.R.D's music. It was a very lound, rock-oriented rap semi-rap set that left me wanting more. Pharell's charisma was flowing freely from the stage and I really got into their set.

Rhianna, whom I've had a crush on for a while, was also impeccable. She looked even better in person(we were about 30 ft from the stage) and she showed her gigantic vocal power at every opportunity. I fell even more in love with Rhianna and of course UMBRELLA was awesome. She's areal classy broad with a modern cabaret sensibility that is as intoxicating as her cuteness!

KANYE WEST MAY BE THE BEST PERFORMER I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Despite repeated technical difficulties w/ his stage show Kanye completely blew thousands of us away. Standing alone on an alien planetary surface Kanye destroyed the Nokia Theater with incredibly moving versions his hits from every album. Interacting only with his spaceship, Jane, Kanye travels the stars while constantly exploring the meaning of life and his own place in the universe. Kanye transcends stardom even as he seeks to re-define it in this self aware, innovative, minimalist yet epic production that has redefined the modern Rap concert experience. No hype men, no dancers, no band (hidden from view until the end of the show) and no way to get home Kanye took us with him on a literal and metaphorical journey of galactic and personal discovery. I am not afraid to admit that I cried several times during the show like some horomone adled 14 year old girl. THROUGH THE WIRE was so inspirational I felt like I could take on the world and of course GOLD DIGGA, JESUS WALKS and all the rest were absolutely amazing. INSPIRATIONAL is all I can say...I think anyone would be inspired by Kanye live. I put this show up with PINK FLOYD and TOM JONES(seriously...have you seen him live?) After seeing this show and Kanye's Saturday Night Live appearance I can say that Kanye West is now the world's greatest living rapper and maybe the current title holder as the world's greatest English language performer.

Security is tight at the nokia so I took my glass cigarette 1-hitter and a small mixed bag of Blueberry, Banana Kush and Master P. to smoke during the show. YUM!


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