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The Gladiators : DREADLOCKS THE TIME IS NOW The WEED Report Radio Review

We try to only review the best on The WEED Report the best weed and the best music. If you are a reggae fan and you are not familiar with The Gladiators you owe it to yourself to catch up on this important and influential Jamaican band. DREADLOCKS THE TIME IS NOW is a 1983 Virgin Frontline compilation. This compilation lives up to the respected name Virgin Frontline represents in the anals of reggae history. Capturing the cream of The Gladiators, DREADLOCKS is an easy listen filled with immortal classics that define their early sound. Tracks like Hello Carol, Pocket Money and Naturality will take you to a place in late 60's Jamaican music that is often immitated but never equaled. This authentic reggae on the level of The Wailers and The Twinkle Brothers. What's that you say? You've never heard of The Twinkle Brothers? I guess I know what my next review will be.

Any weed anywhere anytime is good for this album!!!

Stay Irie!!



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